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Hidden Valley, Glencoe

In June 2015, a recent challenging, and interesting, climb up to the lost valley in Glencoe, on a brilliant blue sky day, resulted in a remarkable view of this beautiful valley

Coire Gabhail is known the hidden valley, where the MacDonalds (McIans) of Glen Coe hid their rustled cattle. A visit involves a very rough but intensely dramatic and scenic climb.

A recent visit to the valley on the 7th October, 2017,  revealed a different atmosphere from the Spring photo above. 

Low cloud drifted across the valley sides and mountain tops, on what was a damp but mild day. As we entered the valley we heard the roar of a stag, which echoed around the valley. We were able to get close to the stag at the head of the valley, which was guarding its herd of females. There was also competition from some young stags, but they ran off up the other side of the valley - they climbed pretty fast!

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